SaeArara's DURARARA!! Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 9

Durarara!! is good. That's the simpliest way to define it. It has a good story, good characters and good footing. My opinion can seem a bit biased but nowadays when so many overrated anime and manga are published and aired the popularity of Durarara!! is strictly based on its story and not the nearly non-existing fanservice it contains (some naked breasts here and there and those who are into BL will love Shizuo's and Izaya's hate-complex relationship). A lot of stories rely on the elements that would attract the audience and don't have an actual story or real character development. Durarara!! doesn't. And this is why I love it and can recommend for anyone who's up for action, twisted love and evil shenanigans.

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SaeArara's Legal Drug Manga Review

Rated: 8

While Legal Drug is a serious story it has many comedy elements thanks to Kazahaya's short temper and Saiga, who is the lover of Kakei and can do a multiply things including sewing and never takes his sunglasses off. :)
The mystical lines are nearly flawless, you can never predict what will happen. We get only bits of informations about the two women and the past of the characters. CLAMP likes smokescreening and does it perfectly. ^^
It's a very enjoyable story for those who like CLAMP and mysterious stories and don't mind shounen-ai. It's perfectly fun and overly interesting.

Maybe I am a bit biased because CLAMP is one of my biggest favourites. I have read 70% of their works. But I think that Drug is one of the best mangas one could ever read.

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SaeArara's Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Manga Review

Rated: 10

I think KHR is a very enjoyable and interesting manga with loads of fanservice. I can suggest it to everyone for watching.

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